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Unbound Media Video Production Ireland. Professional video production company based in Galway/Dublin providing services nationwide in Ireland



Grabs Attention

Video content is the fastest way to grab the attention of the modern consumer. Unbound media video production galway has perfected this art.

Company Image

Video can elevate your companies profile and image. Make your business in Ireland stand out with professional video production in Ireland.

Time efficient

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million! Irish Businesses can communicate efficiently this way and get their message across in limited time

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Our team have vast experience with SME and corporate video production and promo videos Ireland.  


Our modern style means your video will be stylish and eye catching. Your business will stand out from the crowd.


We pride ourselves on offering the best video production in Ireland at highly competitive rates for Small Business and SMEs


We can offer the following features:


thumb_01_60_60Filming on location

thumb_01_60_60Audience reactions

thumb_01_60_60Documentary style

thumb_01_60_60Event coverage

thumb_01_60_60Live streaming event

thumb_01_60_60Highlights package

thumb_01_60_60Demonstration Videos

thumb_01_60_60Professional voice overs

thumb_01_60_60Training Videos

thumb_01_60_60Safety Videos

thumb_01_60_60Provide Actors/Models



Promotional Video Ireland

Tell the story of your business in a stylish yet informative video! Grab the attention of potential viewers and hook them in with stunning videography and editing. Display your product/service in action and show your audience why you are the company they should choose.


What a promotional video can entail:
• Interviews with key members of the business
• Stunning footage on location at your premises
• Consumer/audience reactions
• Documentary style approach
• Actors/models using your product or service


Event Coverage Video Ireland

A live event can be a great way for a business to interact with people in close quarters but often they are expensive and take a lot of planning to organise. With our event coverage we can record your event so that it can relived time and time again. Decide between live streaming to gain more viewers and interactions live or recording the event to be shared afterwards.


What our event coverage can entail:
• Filming of your live event
• Live streaming your event on Facebook or Youtube
• Short “vox pop” Interviews with guests and attendees

Post event:
• Deliver a full recording of the event
• A short highlights package
• Divide the event into individual segments for social media or internal use

Info & Demo Videos Ireland

Do you need to explain how your product or service works to your audience? We provide the platform to create no-nonsense videos with easy to follow step by step instructions. Save time and energy by directing consumers to your video for clear information reducing the need for staff to repeat long winded explanations.

What our Information & Demonstration videos can entail:
• Film staff or actors demonstrating the use of your product or service
• Utilize professional voice overs to supplement the footage
• Use on screen text to aide the message

Safety & Training Videos Ireland

Staff training can be costly and time consuming for a modern business with new additions to the workforce and bad habits meaning training days are needed more often. Paper documents, slide shows and talks can be slow and arduous for staff to sit through. Utilizing our service will reduce the time staff spend reading and increase engagement thus meaning your staff are happier and more productive.

What our Safety & Training videos can entail:
• Filming safety and training talks from industry experts
• Creating new content to get information across quickly and clearly
• Apply specific examples to your business by filming on our premises
• Make videos available online for easy staff access and repeat viewing

Commercial Advertising Videos Ireland

Want to advertise your business at local, national or international level? Our video production team can deliver high quality content fit or TV, cinema, and social media broadcasts. Chat with our team to create the perfect advert for your company. Our vast experience will determine the best way to get your message across.

What our Commercial Advertising videos can entail:
• Brainstorm & script ideas for potential ads
• Filming on location or in studio
• Using actors and or models
• Deliver broadcast quality advert for tv, cinema and social media use